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Personalized Christmas Tree Family Names Charms

Personalized Christmas Tree Family Names Charms

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Customizable Tree - My Family! 🥰

Christmas is a time to celebrate love, commemorate life with new hopes and dreams, and it's also the perfect time to make your home beautiful to welcome family on this important occasion.

With that in mind, we've created a Personalized Christmas Tree - where you can forever cherish your best moments and the most important people in your life!

Make your Christmas even more special 😍

Celebrate Christmas with our LED Tree customizable for 16 names. A luminous, personalized decoration for the family, each LED is a spark of joy, illuminating the festive spirit. Transform your Christmas with this modern and affectionate touch.

A decoration that will last for many Christmases to come!

Transform your home with the LED Tree, illuminating the atmosphere with magical colors. By engraving beloved names, it's more than decoration - a personalized narrative to celebrate Christmas.

Customizable Tree - My Family! 🥰

Don't miss the chance to make your Christmas unforgettable with this unique LED Christmas Tree.

Customer Reviews

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"The LED Christmas Tree is pure charm! Its compact size makes it perfect for any spot, and the personalized engraving adds a unique emotional touch. Loved it!"


How do I personalize the tree?

Specify the desired number of names (1 to 16) during the purchase for a unique customization.

Is assembly easy?

Yes, a step-by-step guide is included; disassembles for storage.

How long for delivery?

Varies by location; details during purchase.

What are the exact dimensions of the LED Christmas Tree?

The Christmas Tree has dimensions of 30cm in height by 10cm in width, providing a compact and versatile option for various spaces.